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Product Strategy

Product strategy

1st and 2nd Generation Product

After the 1st generation “CardAPcells”, a 2nd generation allogeneic “off-the shelf” product “AlloCardAP” brings immense upside potential and enables manufacturing of large quantities, thus improving scalability
1st Product Generation


Cardiac-derived Adherent Proliferating Cells (CardAPcells)

Initial focus on the production of a autologous cell product: The cells are obtained from heart muscle biopsies of the patient himself, cultivated externally, worked up and transplanted into the same patient.

2nd Product Generation


The development of an allogeneic „off the shelf“ cell therapy product is  in process

Allogeneic cell preparation can be produced in large amounts, comparable to a conventional drug, „off the shelf“ is more appealing to traditional pharmaceutical companies


Cardiac-derived Adherent Proliferating (CardAPcells): 

Proprietary novel cells derived from heart tissue for therapy of chronic myocardial heart insufficiency

How it works

CardAPcells are cultivated using the patients‘ own cells: 

Cells derived from heart tissue for the novel proprietary therapy of chronic myocardial heart insufficiency

About us

Our innovative cell therapy development focuses specifically on strengthening the heart muscle and the natural healing processes in the heart

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