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CellServe GmbH

Experts in Regenerative Medicine from Berlin

The Company

CellServe GmbH is a young Berlin biotechnology company and a spin-off of the Charit√©- Universit√§tsmedizin Berlin. The company focuses on the efficient production and marketing of heart tissue-specific cells. It deliberately distinguishes itself from the use of unspecialised stem cells in order to achieve a treatment with the highest possible safety and efficacy for the patient.

The Technology

CardAPcells* are heart tissue-specific cells. The cells are isolated directly from the patient’s own heart tissue samples, expanded in the manufacturing clean room laboratory and then transplanted back to the same patient. CardAPcells are highly interesting for therapy because they improve cardiac function (both after intravenous injection and after injection directly into the heart) and inhibit the death of cells in the heart. Since they are the patient’s own cells, they are not rejected by the patient’s body. Furthermore, undirected scarring (fibrosis) could be prevented in experiments. Overall, CardAPcells stand apart from all known developments in academic and industrial research in terms of efficacy, safety and practicability.

*CardAPcells: “cardiac-derived adherent proliferating cells” / from the English “Cardiac-derived Adherent Proliferating cells”

Our Vision

Prolong life and improve the quality of life

To provide the first curative, alternative therapy (rather than just treating symptoms) with the goal to prolong life and improve the quality of life of patients with heart failure

OUR Mission

Affordable and less invasive

To market cardiac-derived cell therapy as an affordable and less invasive therapy than heart transplantation.

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