How it works

How it works

Therapy of Chronic Myocardial Tissue Heart Insufficiency

CardAPcells are cultivated using the patients‘ own cells: Cells derived from heart tissue for the novel proprietary therapy of chronic myocardial heart insufficiency

Step 1


A biopsy is performed. A very small portion of the patient’s heart muscle tissue is extracted (usually from biopsy for regular laboratory testing)

Step 2

Isolation & Expansion

The cells from the collected tissue are cultivated externally in a GMP* laboratory, until the desired amount has been reached

*GMP = good manufacturing practice (highest clean room requirements)

Step 3

Intravenous or intramyocardial injection​

The cultivated cells are injected back into the patient

Since the patient receives his/her “own” cells, complications such as rejection by the immune system (common with heart transplants) or allergic reactions (possible with drug therapies) are unlikely

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