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Proprietary novel cells derived from heart tissue

Cardiac-derived Adherent Proliferating (CardAPcells): Proprietary novel cells derived from heart tissue for therapy of chronic myocardial insufficiency

CardAPcells* are heart tissue-specific cells. The cells are isolated directly from the patient’s own heart tissue samples, expanded in the manufacturing clean room GMP laboratory and then transplanted back to the same patient. CardAPcells are highly interesting for therapy because they improve cardiac function (both after intravenous injection and after injection directly into the heart) and inhibit the death of cells in the heart. Since they are the patient’s own cells, they are not rejected by the patient’s body. Furthermore, undirected scarring (fibrosis) could be prevented in experiments. Overall, CardAPcells stand apart from all known developments in academic and industrial research in terms of efficacy, safety and practicability.

*CardAPcells: “cardiac-derived adherent proliferating cells” / from the English “Cardiac-derived Adherent Proliferating cells”

The Project

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Tailor-made for patient’s requirements

In contrast to universal stem cells, these cardiac tissue-specific cells are “tailor-made” to fit each customer’s individual requirements (storage possible)

Curative therapeutic

Rather than just treating symptoms, the pumping power of a weakened heart muscle can be regenerated through the treatment with heart-derived cells

Scalable and
efficient production

The production process, “Proliferation” of CardAPcells enables a very efficient, reliable production and expansion of the cells, through industrial GMP* production

* GMP = good manufacturing practice 

(highest clean room requirements)

Patented with disruptive
upscale potential

This product pioneers an entirely new range of potential treatment methods and is patent validated 

(BE, NL, DE, AT, CH, FR and UK)

Product strategy

A 2nd generation product cells brings immense upside potential and enables manufacturing of large quantities, thus improving scalability

How it works

CardAPcells are cultivated using the patients‘ own cells: Cells derived from heart tissue for the novel proprietary therapy of chronic myocardial insufficiency

About us

Our innovative cell therapy development focuses specifically on strengthening the heart muscle and the natural healing processes in the heart

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